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Junior SWIPE Swim Goggles for Ages 6-12, V-760JASA

Junior SWIPE Swim Goggles for Ages 6-12, V-760JASA

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The VIEW V-760JASA SWIPE junior swim goggles provides maximum comfort for your child. New SWIPE Anti-Fog technology provides anti-fog effects lasts 10 times longer compared to other goggles.

Ideal for children ages 6-12. Comes with 4 interchangeable different size nose pieces with the medium size nose piece installed.

Care Instructions

Before Use: Wet the inside of the lens with fresh water and firmly swipe the inside of the lens a few times with your finger. Lightly rinse the inside of the len again with fresh water.

After Use: Rinse in fresh water and dry after every use.

Storage: Keep away from sources of heat and direct sunlight and story in dry condition. Avoid storing with other colored items (towel rubberfins, swimswear) to avoid transferring of color.


Frame With Medium Nose Piece Installed: 6 x 1.25"


TABATA USA warrants to the purchaser, consumer that the products TABATA USA manufacture or distribute are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

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Maximum comfort for your child

VIEW's high grade silicone seals and straps offer the softest, most pliable and longest-lasting straps available on the market today. The silicone resists stretching and fatigue from prolonged use in chlorine.

New Anti-Fog Technology

If the swimming goggle lens fogs, you can reactivate the anti-fog by wetting the inside of the lens and simply swiping the lens with your finger 5-10 times.

The new SWIPE anti-fog lasts 10 times longer.

Learn More About SWIPE Technology
  • UV Protection

    VIEW's UV cut technology provides superior protection from harmful UV rays. Provides greater eye protection during outdoor use.

  • Curved Lens

    The curved lens design increases peripheral vision.

  • TPE Seal

    VIEW's soft, large cushion TPE seals provide maximum comfort and water-tightness over extended periods of use.

Streamlined goggles with color combinations that stand out in the pool