Snorkel Fitting and Proper Use

How To Fit Your Snorkel

Step 1: Put the mouthpiece inside your mouth with the snorkel tube against your left ear.

Step 2: Bite down gently on the bite tabs and make sure you don’t have any discomfort against your gums.

Step 3: Use your lips to seal the front of your mouthpiece to avoid water from leaking in.

Step 4: Attach the snorkel to your mask. You can make adjustments to the attachment location and angle of your snorkel tube as needed. Fit and comfort are most important.

Practice Breathing with Your Snorkel

When snorkeling, you will only be breathing through your mouth; Not your nose. If it's you or your child's first time breathing this way, try to practice first. You can sing a song through a straw while pinching your nose to get used to it!

How to Clear Your Snorkel

With the water still in the tube, push your tongue against the mouthpiece and then exhale from your belly. If water shoots out from the top of the snorkel, the clear is a success! If it comes out of your nose, try again. Now you can practice wearing your mask and snorkel and submerging your head in water. For kids, you can also try this in the bath tub.