SWIPE Technology

SWIPE Anti-Fog was developed to solve the common problem swimmers have with foggy swim goggles.

If the swimming goggle lens fogs, you can reactivate the anti-fog by simply swiping the lens with your finger.

Compared to other VIEW goggles, the new SWIPE goggle anti-fog lasts 10 times longer.

SWIPE Lens Durability of the Surface

We applied 1,000g weight to the lens surface to test the durability of the lens.

The SWIPE lens was able to endure 1500 swipes!

Tester Satisfaction

How It Works

SWIPE anti-fog performs when there is a coating of water on the inside lens surface.

The special anti-fog treatment is on the inside lens surface.

Fogging or distortion occurs from dirt build-up or other particles sticking to the lens. In the case of SWIPE Anti-Fog, remove them by rubbing the inside of the lens and restore the view.

Wet the inside surface and firmly swipe a few times with your finger.

If dirt or other particles stick to the lens that your finger cannot reach, please rub the lens with a soft, wet towel.

Anti-fog will eventually deteriorate with long term use.

When anti-fog does not perform as before, please use an anti-fog liquid from our company. Other company's anti-fog liquid may cause damage or cracks to the plastic lens.

SWIPE Anti-Fog Goggles

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