SB657 Compliance

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) requires retailers and manufacturers of a certain size operating in California to disclose their compliance to this legislature. 

Verification of supply chains 
Snorkeling Beach is committed to fair labor practices in all facets throughout its supply chain. As a manufacturer of the majority of our own products we are able to closely monitor, evaluate, and establish all labor practices that exist within our various ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities to ensure there are no human violations in existence within our operations. 
For the small portion of products that are produced by third party vendors, Snorkeling Beach officers audit each facility with an in person visit prior to and throughout the course of any business conducted. We ensure all manufacturing facilities are compliant with the local labor practices and that no human violations exist within the supply chain. 
Snorkeling Beach's standard terms and conditions of business require all vendors comply with applicable laws, including those against slavery and/or human trafficking. Internal Accountability Snorkeling Beach requires all employees, sub-contractors, and vendors to comply with the standards and principals contained in Tabata’s Code of Conduct as well as the Code of Conduct of the EICC. Violations of these policies can result in termination of employment or severance of the business relationship. 
All Snorkeling Beach managers, directors, and employees who have direct responsibility for supply chains management are supplied with the proper information to remain in compliance with the compliance guidelines and are required to review and understand all aspects of the guidelines for proper compliance.