Swim Basics

Learn the Basics

Whether you're a beginner, just need a refresher, or have kids learning to swim, dive into this reading to sharpen your skills.

Water Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to swimming. Be aware of the following and always stay alert when in the water to avoid injury.

  • Be aware of the depth of the water you're entering. Never dive into shallow water.
  • Always swim with others or have a lifeguard present.
  • Ensure you have safe entry and exit points, and if you are swimming in a natural body of water, learn rip current safety and respect wildlife.
  • Know and respect your own personal limits when it comes to strength and endurance, and stop swimming when you are fatigued.


Before you start swimming, you want to know how to maneuver in the water so that you can get used to it and have a solid base in which you can grow skills and confidence.

Getting Comfortable

  • Start off by just entering the water, and walking around in the shallow end.
  • Take a big breath, submerge your face into the water with eyes closed, and try exhaling to create bubbles.
  • Try to float on your back, and then on your stomach, practicing holding your breath and blowing bubbles. You can hold onto the wall at first if you'd like. If you ever feel panicked in deeper water, you can always float to relax yourself.
  • Go to the edge of the pool, hold on to the edge, and lift your legs up to practice kicking by alternating lifting and dropping your legs.