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Junior Squidjet Swim Goggles for Ages 4-9, V-710JA

Junior Squidjet Swim Goggles for Ages 4-9, V-710JA

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The VIEW V-710JA Squidjet Jr. swim goggle is a new design that is ideal for children ages 4-9. Equipped with interchangeable nose bridges and an E-Z strap, the Squidjet Jr is easy to adjust and fit. Complete with soft cushion eye seals for superior comfort the V-710JA is perfect for those kids who love to swim.

Comes with 3 different size nose bridge pieces with the medium size installed.

Care Instructions

Before Use: Wet the inside of the lens with fresh water and firmly swipe the inside of the lens a few times with your finger.

After Use: Rinse in fresh water and dry after every use.

Storage: Keep away from sources of heat and direct sunlight and story in dry condition. Avoid storing with other colored items (towel rubberfins, swimswear) to avoid transferring of color.


Frame: 5.5 x 1.5"


TABATA USA warrants to the purchaser, consumer that the products TABATA USA manufacture or distribute are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

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Maximum comfort for your child

Long lasting silicone eye seals and strap creates a comfortable fit for any child.

Long Lasting Swim Goggles

The protruding goggles rims keep the lenses from being scratched when dropped, making the goggles last longer.

  • Super Anti-Fog Treatment

    Provides long-lasting protection against fogging caused by perspiration and heat. Wet the inside of the goggles before use to create a film of water that allows the treatment to work effectively.

  • UV Protection

    VIEW's UV cut technology provides superior protection from harmful UV rays. Provides greater eye protection during outdoor use.

  • High Grade Silicone

    The high grade silicone seals and straps offer the softest, most pliable and longest-lasting straps available on the market today. The silicone resists stretching and fatigue from prolonged use in chlorine, reducing leakage and replacement.

  • TPE Seal

    VIEW's soft, large cushion TPE seals provide maximum comfort and water-tightness over extended periods of use.

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Flexible and adjustable nose piece makes fitting a cinch