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Reef Tourer

Underwater Snorkeling Viewing Bucket, RA0506U

Underwater Snorkeling Viewing Bucket, RA0506U

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The Reef Tourer Underwater Viewing Bucket is a great way for kids and adults to explore the underwater world without putting your face in the water. Great alternative for non-swimmers!

Care Instructions

Before Use: Always check to make sure the lens is securely attached to the bucket before use.

After Use: Wash thoroughly with fresh water and dry thoroughly. If dirty, wash with hand soap then rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Storage: Do not leave the viewing bucket in high termperature areas such as a car as it may cause permanent damage or discoloration. Placing the lens surface on a non-smooth surface may cause permanent scratches on the lens surface.


Viewing Bucket: 7.1x8.5x7.0"

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See underwater life without getting your face wet!

Explore underwater wildlife in tide pools, rivers, lakes, etc.

Explore the Underwater World

A clear view under water. See fishes, coral, and other wildlife without having to put your face underwater.

  • Clear View

    The underwater viewing bucket allows you a clear view under water.

  • Wide View Scope

    Wide enough that adults can use it too!

    Made of plastic with a durable polycarbonate lens bottom.

  • For Kids and Adults

    Our underwater viewing bucket can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

    A great option for non-swimmers.

Pair with Our Snorkeling Float

When paired with the Reef Tourer inflatable snorkeling float (sold separately), non-swimmers can join in on the snorkeling fun and the viewing bucket can be used in deeper waters.

With the snorkeling float's handles facing up, place the viewing bucket in the middle hole. The viewing bucket's lens should be facing the bottom of the float.