Shaw's Cove- Laguna Beach, CA

Shaw's Cove- Laguna Beach, CA

Let us let you in on a local Laguna Beach secret. Shaw's Cove is a hidden gem located at the base of Fairview Street. Find parking in the residential area, walk down the stairs, and if you head to the west side of the cove, you'll find the best area for snorkeling and diving. The cove is popular for an abundance of activities, from skim boarding to tide pool exploration.

The cove is especially famous for tide pooling. Try to find a day with mild conditions for the best experience; You can find some amazing sea life on both sides of the cove. Explore and discover crabs, urchins, live shells, anemones, and if you're lucky, you can spot some sea hares. You could spend hours observing all the wildlife these shallow waters have to offer. 

Of course we recommend you venture into some deeper waters and get more than just your feet wet. This is a fantastic spot for snorkeling. Grab your Reef Tourer mask, snorkel, and fins and venture into the clear, blue waters. This spot is known for Garibaldi spotting, a bright orange fish that's notable in Southern California. According to Pacific Wilderness, you're also likely to catch sight of "lobsters, eels, rays, octopus, calico bass, Kellet’s Welks, tree fish, small sheepshead, bat stars, and lots of purple sea urchins."

Stick around until the sun sets to soak up every moment of what sunny Southern California has to offer. Stay up to date on the blog for more secret spots Snorkeling Beach has to share with you.

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