Paamul Beach - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Paamul Beach - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Paamul is a small community with a beautiful palm tree speckled beach located in the heart of the Riviera Maya.  Paamul Beach is a favorite of tourists with resorts and vacation home rentals a stone's throw from the beach.  It’s known for its beautiful turquoise blue colored water, white sand beach, and nearby amenities.  In addition to this, it is an excellent site for snorkelers because there is a nearby reef in a cozy rocky bay.  

Paamul Beach is an amazing place to enjoy a relaxed day and has options for the whole family.  Swimming in the calm waters or sunbathing on the white sand are common here.  You can even find some private areas around the beach. Surrounding the beach is a pool, restaurant, hotel, restrooms, showers, free parking lot, a dive center, kayak rentals, trailer park, and areas for camping.  Having a delicious lunch in a restaurant with a stunning view can be so relaxing, you may forget to jump in the warm water and go for a swim.  Make sure to bring an underwater camera for capturing some amazing fish and corals on the beautiful reef. 

At Paamul Beach,you can find a variety of corals such as brain coral, soft avanic, elkhorn, staghorn, and many more.  You will also see many different fish such as angelfish, needlefish, sergeant fish, palometa, and surgeonfish.  

Because this is a shallow reef, the best items to bring with you are a mask, snorkel, and fins.  You should be able to clearly see everything from the surface, yet easily be able to dive down to get a closer look.  The Reef Tourer Travel Sets are an affordable, travel friendly, comfortable set to bring along with you to locations like Paamul Beach.  Don’t forget your sunblock! 

Paamul Beach is located 20 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen and 25 minutes north of Tulum. 

To get to Paamul Beach, the specific location point is on Federal Highway Cancun-Tulum Km 85, Quintana Roo. You can get there by car and utilize the free parking lot, or for only 25 pesos, public transport is also available.  Taking a van that departs from Playa del Carmen to Tulum is another option; Just ask the driver to stop you in Km 85, Paamul Beach´s entrance. 


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