Diver's Cove- Laguna Beach, CA

Diver's Cove- Laguna Beach, CA

Another spot to soak up some sun and snorkeling in Laguna Beach is the aptly named Diver's Cove! This is a spot specifically great for families. The calm waters and smaller, less crowded beach make it perfect for younger children. 

When you arrive to the corner of Beverly & Myrtle Streets on Cliff Drive you can park in any of the eight parking spots, or park on the street in the surrounding residential area. There's stair access on the north side of the parking area, and a ramp on the south side. 

Photo by Wendy Theders

Once you're in the water, expect to see plenty of interesting critters among the reefs such as tree fish, sea urchins, lobster, garibaldi, sea stars. If you're lucky you might even see a stingray or dolphin. The further south you go, the larger the reefs. 

Get your crew together for a day full of snorkeling. (Even your pups! Check the time of year to see what hours they are allowed, as it changes.) 

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