Aow Leuk Bay- Koh Thao, Thailand

Aow Leuk Bay- Koh Thao, Thailand

Today we're taking a trip to Thailand! The island of Koh Thao is world-famous for beautiful beaches that are perfect for snorkeling.

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Aow Leuk Bay is located on the south side of Koh Thao, offering a sunny, sandy beach full of exploration possibilities. There's a paved road leading to the bay, so you can easily arrive via scooter or taxi. For the adventurous, you can also hike through the central mountains of Koh Tao! Entry is 100THB, but comes with access to facilities and a beverage! 

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This hidden gem is usually not very crowded. You can begin your snorkel straight from the beach where you'll immediately enjoy clear turquoise waters and white sand. You can also opt for a paid boat tour or guided snorkeling tour to travel to even more locations.

There's an amazing array of underwater creatures you can observe, from lionfish, triggerfish, rays, and glass fish. In the shallower waters, you're likely to see blacktip sharks! Hard corals are found surrounding the rocky granite coastlines where many of the fish can be spotted. You may also see a Giant Clam around there. Keep your eyes peeled for a green turtle as well!

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