Roatan Island Snorkeling is the perfect destination for both novice and experienced snorkelers. The water is almost always crystal clear and the coral reef is located only minutes from shore.

Roatan is one of three bay islands located off the coast of Honduras. Roatan, the largest of the three islands is surrounded by a steep continental shelf. Nutrient rich water from the deep sea flush over the reef feeding an abundance of fish and corals.

Water from the deep sea and open ocean flush the reef of sediment particles which is why Roatan is known for great visibility. However, if there has been lots of rain, the visibility will decline for a few days. Inshore above the shallow coral reef’s however, there is very minimal currents, and close to shore you with find easy snorkeling conditions.

West End is a calm protected bay surrounded by a vibrant tourist district. Here you will find several scuba diving and snorkeling operations offering one hour snorkeling trips to the reef. If you’ve brought your own snorkel gear you can walk right in from the beach to find fish and corals, but it’s important to stay to either side of the bay as there are dive boats coming and going throughout the day.


You will find roped off areas on the eastern end of the bay which is off access to motor boats. The snorkel area starts above a sea grass bed with colorful parrot fish and curious hogfish. As you swim further pass the rocky point you find coral reef with massive brain corals and star corals. You can also see sea turtles, sea stars, crabs, squid, and if you’re lucky an octopus.

To access the roped area walk towards Half Moon Bay beach and enter using the wooden stairs entering direct to the roped snorkel area.

You can also snorkel at the west side of the bay to find Gorgonian sea fans, sergeant major fish, chub fish and star fish. There is no roped area however boats general stay in the center and eastern side of the bay.

Parrotfish on the coral reef


Hanauma Bay was created tens of thousands of years ago by volcanic activity, but is now home to beautiful coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish. Since Hanauma Bay is protected on three sides by large hills and cliffs, the weather remains very consistent and the water amazingly clear throughout the year. Although the tides do come in and out like every coastal region, the waves of Hanauma Bay stay small and they break hundreds of feet from the shoreline.


There is an outdoor showers and public restrooms near the Half Moon Bay dock.


West end bay is located on Roatan Island’s western tip. You can get a taxi from the airport for around $25 about 30 minute drive. You can park in the Half Moon Bay hotel parking lot, follow the main West End road to the end of the bay and turn left on a dirt road with the Half Moon Bay sign. Please enjoy Roatan Island Snorkeling.