Hanauma Bay Snorkeling offers an experience unlike any other recreational activity in the world. With little training or effort, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful marine life available in and around the shallow reefs typically found in tropical climates such as Hanauma Bay, located on the southeastern tip of the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It’s warm, shallow waters make ideal conditions for snorkelers of all experience levels without the cumbersome equipment and training required for scuba diving! The only things you need to enjoy what this beautiful nature preserve has to offer are a mask and snorkel! That’s it! Fins are optional, but highly recommended for snorkelers who want to move around the water more efficiently.

Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu; this spot is very popular for snorkeling.


Hanauma Bay was created tens of thousands of years ago by volcanic activity, but is now home to beautiful coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish. Since Hanauma Bay is protected on three sides by large hills and cliffs, the weather remains very consistent and the water amazingly clear throughout the year. Although the tides do come in and out like every coastal region, the waves of Hanauma Bay stay small and they break hundreds of feet from the shoreline.


In 2002, the state of Hawaii incorporated the Marine Education Center where visitors can learn about the history of Hanauma Bay and what each individual can do to help protect the marine life for generations to come. Staff and volunteers of Hanauma Bay work together to promote the idea that it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect and preserve the fragile ecosystem found amongst coral reefs, not just at Hanauma Bay, but the world around.

As a nature preserve, visitors are expected to follow a few guidelines during their time at the bay. The bay is home to a fragile ecosystem where people are expected to avoid stepping on the coral and keep their distance from the endangered Green Sea Turtle. Although the sea turtle is a highlight rarely experienced by most visitors, harassing them or harming them may result in large fines or possibly jail time! Enjoy the views and the experience of swimming with fishes, but respect the wildlife and help preserve this beautiful feature for future generations!

A colorful school of fish feed on the coral at world-famous Hanauma Bay on O'ahu, Hawai'i.


The TUSA snorkel gear available for rent by Dive Oahu at Hanauma Bay is designed to give you maximum comfort, reliability, and durability throughout your stay. The snorkels feature ‘dry top’ technology which will automatically seal the top of the snorkel if you dive under water or get hit by a wave, keeping the snorkel void of water and allowing you to breath comfortably at the surface. The snorkels also feature a sump valve to purge water any time water does happen to enter the tube.

TUSA masks and fins come in several adjustable sizes which will be fitted to each individual by the experts at Dive Oahu at time of rental. The masks are treated with an anti-fog solution that is gentle on the eyes and lasts for hours! This complimentary anti-fog solution is applied by the Dive Oahu staff before every use. Even if you decide to bring your own gear, the helpful snorkel shack staff will help ensure your gear is fitted properly and treated with anti-fog, free of charge.


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